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 Proceeds from Rock Against Dystrophy's events go to The Muscular Dystrophy Association for there research and patient care services.. to learn more about the MDA please click on the link 

While alot of people might think this is an unusual  combination,Rock Against Dystrophy events prove that fans of rock and metal believe that all individuals deserve the attention and dedication which will one day ensure that they have long and healthy lives.Until that day gets here,Rock Against Dystrophy will call on the rock and metal community  to join us on our mission.

(the inklussionist syxx and seven above)

Rock Against Dystrophy brings together  a passionate and socially conscious young generation to support the work of the Muscular Dystrophy Association 

You can make a donation to Rock Against Dystrophy by clicking on the link below..

Your donation is also a show of support for the work we're doing to make a brighter and healthier future for children with neuromuscular disease .


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Rock against dystrophy


Their appearances on the annual Jerry Lewis Labor Day MDA Telethon since the mid 80s has grown into an active effort of their own to help the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the battle against the over 40 numomuscular diseases the organization focuses on.

Rock against dystrophy 2015 New Jersey 

Aug 22 2015


620 Van houten ave

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RAD 2015 NJ!!

Rock Against Dystrophy has been seen in many venues in the New York and New Jersey scences its amazing how many come out to show the love and support for this cause..

Rock Against Dystrophy has even been spotlighted on  Jerry Lewis Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Telethon

We make this happen by producing and presenting Rock and Metal concerts throughout the New York And New Jersey

area.our events feature many of the areas  most popular bands,artist and performer as in the pic to the right Mark Tornillo(Accept,TT Quick),Bobby Blitz(overkill), Tattoo Tony,Chris Caffrey(Savatage,TSO),Bob Pantella(monster magnet)Danny Watts(bulletboys) just to name a few people who have joined us for our RAD events.


Rock Against Dystrophy would not  be possible without the founders Turbo and Jay Scorpion.Even though these brothers live there lives with a neuromuscular disease (spinal musclar atrophy) it has never stopped them from acting upon their dedication to the work of the Muscular Dystrophy Association..just goes to show that the sky is the limit if you put your mind to it..